QuickBooks Giveaways – A Great Way To Reach Out To Potential Users

QuickBooks Giveaways – A Great Way To Reach Out To Potential Users

When getting a tee is as easy as posting a comment, then it often feels like life is going on the right track. QuickBooks is currently running a campaign that gives you the chance to win t-shirts by simply leaving a comment in the blog. QuickBooks has been a popular brand for a number of people, and the chance of getting a free t-shirt along with using their tools and apps could hardly be ignored. Comments have been pouring in on the blog with a number of people hoping to get a free tee.

The giveaway campaign had 10 cool QuickBooks tees with the QuickBooks logo printed on the tee in the color of brand – green. The design looks cool and the green logo on the white t-shirt looks perfect. It is a great tee to wear on any casual event. The logo has the letters “q” and “b” from QuickBooks imprinted on it. The logo is subtle and cool. Many readers found this giveaway campaign to be a great way of winning t-shirts and a lot of people commented on the blogpost. There was no doubt that QuickBooks was able to attract a number of readers to their blog through the giveaway campaign.

Not only did this campaign help them reach new heights when it came to reaching out to potential customers, it also helped the viewers try their luck and see if they could win a tee. The official QuickBooks blog includes a number of informational blogs which help QuickBooks users find out new and insightful ways in which they can use the QuickBooks tools and apps. When it comes to providing the best invoicing tools, there is no doubt that QuickBooks is considered to be the first option for many business owners.

It has revolutionized the way in which accounting is done making it easy for small businesses to begin their own business and handle accounting effectively. The tools are regularly updated to ensure that they are using the most advanced technology and that they are providing the best to their users. QuickBooks users have found the tools provided by QuickBooks to be one of the most effective ones that they could have used for inventory and accounting for their organization. With a huge online community and helpful support, users continue to rely on QuickBooks for their accounting needs.

The September giveaway was organized for the period of September 7 to September 10. The giveaway campaign did not require you to purchase any QuickBooks products. It simply required readers to visit the blog and leave a comment. The approximate value of each of the t-shirts was $30. The winners were declared through random drawing from all the eligible entries. The rules were kept simple so that more users can participate in the giveaway campaign. The entry required readers to enter the comment along with the t-shirt size and their valid e-mail address. This would help them reach out to the winners so that the tee could be shipped without delay.

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