QuickBooks File Formats That Matter During a Backup

QuickBooks File Formats That Matter During a Backup

QuickBooks has a lot of file formats that you may have to use when you are on the program. Sometimes, it can get pretty difficult when it comes to identifying the right format that you need to use to carry out a certain task. With auto recover, backups, sharing files and data repairs being an important part of working on QuickBooks, let us look at the file formats and how they should be used.

QBW file: This is one of the most important files and is most commonly used while working on QuickBooks. It is the actual working data file. The QBW files are used by QuickBooks for storing financial data, templates, letters, logos as well as images for the company.

QBB file: These are backups of the QBW files which store the same information as the QBW files. You will notice that this file is slightly bigger than the QBW file. Its size is bigger because of the inclusion of TLG (Transaction Log File) which helps keep a track of the changes made on the file since the last backup.

QBM file: These files are compressed versions of your QuickBooks company file. The small size of the file makes it ideal for portability and sharing. It is usually about 20% the size of the original QBW file. It is made smaller by removing the indexing in the file. However, on restoration, everything is back to usual. It is a great format when you consider transferring data to your colleagues.


These are the most important files that you may come across while using QuickBooks. If you are thinking of backing up your QuickBooks files to the cloud, then it is best to backup all these three files. In the event of uncertain damage to your system by malware or destruction of your hard drive, you will still be able to access these files from the cloud.

Keeping in mind that accounting data is extremely important. It is good to have backups from recent dates to avoid unwanted loss of data. It is good to create a strong backup system which helps you recover files easily and quickly. A good practice is to back up all file formats so that you will not lose important data.

Sometimes, when your files have been lost or damaged, you may try to recover files in vain. In an event like this, the QBW files are the only ones that can be salvaged. It is difficult to restore other files. Your IT team may be able to repair the QBW file if it is damaged, but there are chances that you may lose the file. With a backup in the cloud. Your chances of securing severe loss and avoiding catastrophe is a lot easy.

Other extensions used in QuickBooks

  • .QBI:
  • .QBR
  • .DES
  • .QBO
  • .INI
  • .LGB
  • .QWC
  • .QBP
  • .WPR.INI

More information on QuickBooks file extensions in details can be found here: https://community.intuit.com/articles/1019136-file-extensions-used-in-quickbooks-desktop

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