QuickBooks 2017 Desktop Version – What To Expect?

QuickBooks 2017 Desktop Version – What To Expect?

QuickBooks 2017 desktop version is here. Users have been talking about the new features and exploring its advantages. Many of us are eager to find out what the latest upgrade has in store before we make the switch. So let us find out what to expect with this new upgrade.

New Feature Tour

A new feature in the latest QuickBooks is the ability to find out more about the new features of the program with the “New Feature Tour” option. Whenever you would like to learn what is new and improved in the program all you need to do is go the Help Menu, look for New Features and then click on New Feature Tour.

This is great for beginners who may need help understanding some features in QuickBooks, but at the same time, it is great for seasoned users who want to find out how the new features can make accounting easier for them. Once you explore this feature, you can quickly find out more about the new version without having to scour the internet for information.

Scheduled Reports

Ever felt the need of a scheduler which allowed you to fix a time when the reports would be sent via emails? QuickBooks 2017 handles this effectively by adding the feature of Scheduled Reports so that you can fix the times when a report is sent to someone. It helps you handle your account effectively and deal with people from different time zones without affecting their personal time.

Reports that need to be sent on a daily or a weekly basis to your staff can be handled easily as well. You can schedule the daily reports and they will automatically be sent as password protected PDFs. Go to the Reports menu and look for Scheduled Reports.

Customised Reports

Improvements in the customisation of reports is another helpful change which is being applauded by many accountants. You will have the ability of printing and viewing information regarding the filters that have been included in the report. You will also notice that making multiple-record filter selections has become a lot easier with the new version of QuickBooks.

Sometimes, when we look at a report, it is difficult to figure which filters have been used on the report. If this information is critical for you, then QuickBooks has a solution now. QuickBooks has added the option of a “Show” button which will allow you to show the filters in the report.

While this is a brilliant addition, it does not work with scheduled reports. So you will not be able to use it for memorised reports.

Better Security

Security is a big concern for an organisation, especially when it comes to the accounting of their business. Intuit has provided a robust security system to the users since the beginning. This is one of the reasons why it has an unshakeable number of users who continue to upgrade the program instead of pick a different accountancy product in the market.

With the latest upgrade, the security system has been strengthened further. Multi-factor authentication – which is becoming a norm in the internet industry – has been implemented by QuickBooks as well. Intuit continuously upgrades the security to use an architecture that is secure and complies with the industry standards.

Company Name On Deposit Summaries

This feature is good for users who work on QuickBooks to handle multiple companies. You will now be able to see the company name on the deposit summary. This reduces confusion when you handle more than one companies at a time. Earlier, you wouldn’t know which company the deposit was for. But with the latest upgrade, things are getting easier which can improve the efficiency of the QuickBooks users in your organisation.

Audit Trails Will Show Deleted Users

Imagine the frustration of trying to figure which user made a change that is being questioned when the user has been deleted. All you would find is unknown user next to the changes. This meant it will be difficult for you track the user who made the changes. With the new version, this problem comes to an end. Even after you delete a user, the audit trail will show the user details who made the changes.

Better Functionality in Multi User Mode

The multi-user mode is more functional now. Many features will not be locked even when they are being used by multiple users. It will help the organization be more productive and the users will be more efficient while working on the 2017 desktop version of QuickBooks.

QuickBooks 2017 desktop version has brought a lot of pleasant changes to the program which are being applauded by the users. We found the changes to be great. All of the changes improves usability of the program.

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