Restricting Transactions in QuickBooks using Bento

Bento is one of the widely used application in construction industry.This application is considered to be
one of the most recommended application in construction industry.You can track all your expenses at one place
with few steps.Bento became a vendor for change because this application has all the features to kick out conventional
way to expense trackers.All transactions can be integrated with QuickBooks easily.
Easy way to track employees spending with real time tracker.Which also include features of complete track of
expenses with all the details.You can restrict transactions and card usage buy turning your card on and off.
The real time tracker helps user to tack each and every transaction real time.This application is very safe and
secure to use.You don’t require to wait for credit card statement any more if you are using Bento with your QuickBooks.
Because this application gives you entire description of your translations including date time and places.
Bento allow user to put restriction over expenses which helps you to save time and money.By adding credit card
in this application gives you feature to set Spending limit and declined unauthorized payments.
This application complement QuickBooks very well by syncing all translations with QuickBooks automatically.

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