QuickBooks Organises T-shirts Giveaway for their Blog Promotion

QuickBooks Organises T-shirts Giveaway for their Blog Promotion

Recently, QuickBooks organised a t shirt giveaway contest most probably for the marketing of their blog and to keep the readers engaged. They choose 10 lucky winners from the contestants who won a cool QuickBooks t shirts.

Take a look at the design

quickbooks t shirt

QuickBooks announced in one of their blog posts that they will giveaway 10 cool QuickBook tees to their blog readers. The only condition was to post a comment in the blog and they would choose random 10 people and giveaway QuickBooks t shirts to them with this cool design imprint.

Here is the link to the blog post:


The cost of these giveaway t shirts are $30 each. Now, who would not want win it by just posting a comment. The August giveaway was closed in the and 10 lucky winner were announced and notified by email.

September giveaway

quickbooks tshirt

Here is your chance to win your QuickBooks t shirt for this month. To take part in this content you just need to write a comment. QuickBooks will be soon organising a similar giveaway contest for the month of September. Just don’t forget to visit QuickBooks Official Blog and get a chance to win this awesome QuickBooks t shirt.

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